About Málaga

The province of Malaga boasts of over 160 kilometres of coastline, and a total of 14 districts located directly on the Mediterranean sea.

The beautiful city of Málaga is perched along the infamous coastline of Costa del Sol. It is the second largest city in Andalusia.

With its perfect location on the coast, the climate of Málaga promises sunshine throughout the year.

Málaga is a place that still holds on strongly to its ancient roots. This is evident in the festivals, dances, food and other forms of entertainment the city is known for.

Having been the birth place and home to notable people such as Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, Málaga, will captivate you with its creativity and passion for the arts.


The province of Malaga boasts of over 160 kilometres of coastline, and a total of 14 districts located directly on the Mediterranean sea.

The province of Málaga is located in the south of the Mediterranean coast. It lies between the provinces of Granada and Cadiz, and it shares boundaries with the provinces of Cordoba and Seville in the Northern regions.


You have to visit the landscape inland. With more than 15 officially protected areas classified as nature reserves, natural spaces or natural landmarks, it’s one of the most serene environments.

For wildlife lovers, Málaga promises you a fairy tale tour as you navigate through the magical forests and rivers where you can find foxes, golden eagles and Spanish Ibex.

The lighthouse ‘la farola’, Málaga Centro. Image source: @pexels

Málaga is bristling with cultural heritage that speaks true of its strong tie with ancient culture.

The City

Málaga will take your breath away with its beautiful architecture. White villages with attractive infrastructure, wrapped in a romantic grace to highlight the artistic marvel that lives within Málaga.

The villages bring points of light into secluded valleys where life goes by peacefully. And from the peaks of the white mountains that adorn this beautiful city, you can watch the horizon until it becomes lost in the immense blue of the sea.

Málaga is a growing province where most of its people practice Catholicism. However, there are many protestants as well as Muslim and Jewish people within the city. This you can notice from the mosque and synagogue right within the city.

The people here in Málaga are warm and accepting and in no time, Málaga will feel like a home away from home.

The harbor of Málaga known simply as the Málaga harbour is the second busiest cruise port in the Ibsen port. This is because of the large number of tourists that come into the city every year.

Nearby attractions within Málaga are the Gilbrafaro Castle that offers breath taking views of the entire city, the old Muslim Palace Alcazaba, and the Roman Theatre amongst other attractions.

You can also learn more about the rich history of Málaga with the museums that are scattered across the city. Check out our directory for locations (coming soon!)

For both tourists and residents, Málaga is the perfect city for living your life to the fullest.

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