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Locally.es was founded with the goal of showing the world the beauty and rich history of the beautiful city. Malaga in all its glory and splendor is a city that we believe everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. We were inspired by the warmth of the people, the traditional cuisine and the vibrant culture to create this platform where we’ll show the whole world the best of Malaga. This platform was created with the mindset that anyone across the globe will be able to navigate Malaga with the help of our useful travel guide. Thus helping you get the most out of your stay in Malaga. Discover Malaga today and make it your next holiday location, you won’t regret it.

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Our mission to showcase the best part of Malaga and what we believe makes this city a beauty to behold. We work tirelessly with local businesses to give you a travel guide in helping you make the best choices regarding vacation spots here in malaga We aim to be your trusted directory site for residents and tourists navigating their way around Malaga. With our easy to use portal, we hope you’ll get the best that Málaga has to offer you and maximize your entire stay in this glorious city. Locally.es is all about showing you what makes this city truly special.

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With over 20 000 (and counting) business listings, gyms, bus stops were well on our way to being the most complete and easy to use business and news directory in the region of Málaga, we rund daily updates so make sure you stay in tough so you never miss out on important information.